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Purple Tulips by Ostria

First off, I want to say that the colors in this are absolutely gorgeous. It's the first thing enjoyed when I saw this deviation. However, it seems just a tad repetitive. Perhaps if there were more variety in the many different 'tulips' it would look very impressive. Although, that option probably isn't available in what you used to create this?
Also, I think the angle is a little odd. The tulip in the center demands all of your attention, but then it is cut off of it's brightest part and don't get to see all of it. It would have looked a lot more artistic if you had seen it at an angle just a bit below where you are now.

The dark background gives it a mighty look, as if you are staring into the sky and are seeing many galaxies doing the same thing as each other. The tulip in the back, where you can barely see its petals looks like a a normal galaxy that is not doing the same as the others. I like to notice the things that aren't supposed to stand out and I quite enjoyed that.

It's a very beautiful piece.
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